'Best Aplication' 

WELANIMAL project was announced as a 'Best Aplication' by Turkish National Agency. 

The European Parliment and The European Councill, with the desicion of 1350/2008/EC taken 16 december 2008, has announced the year of 2009 as “ The year of European innovation and inventiveness” . The aim of the Project is not also to support of individual, vocational and social compedences, but also life long learning efforts, which are the main factors supporting welfare of individuals living in the member countries of EU.

In the frame of this Project, one of the activities orginesed, 10 April 2009 in Ankara, “ 2009 Life long learning program and European innovation and inventiveness conferance” was initiated by the general coordinator of Life long learning program, Musa CEYLAN, who said that “innovation and inventiveness will be put forward all the activities will be done in Turkey in the frame of this projectin in this year. Among the Lenardo Vinci projects presented and featured their innovation and inventiveness in the conference, the welanimal Project was chosen as a reference Project, which is an innovative Project for animal welfare and food quality and environmental interactions in mid and South east European Countries, was presented and promoted by the Project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zehra BOZKURT. She emphasized that setting a standart procedures on welfare of farm animals effecting the health of european society. Fort his purpose, not only acedemic studies will be done, but also work force accomodating to developing techniques. It was olso emphasized that animal were accepted by the European comission as “ feeling creatures” and their sustainable phisical and mental situations are very critical for animal health hence quality food production and health of the society. The European comission representing variety of socities has an aim of providing new frendly animal production systems, global aproaches and common amimal welfare work definition that will be able to base for people from different social, economic and religious society in which different perceptions regarding animals are present, provide an educational materials consider all the people coming from different level of all society in the Europe and helps of improving aproaches to animal and animal based food production applications for the qualified or nonequalified work force and instructors in animal production industry in Europe. This also changes all traditional farm production application before the second world war.

In the conferance, a stand was open for the WELANIMAL Project products and promoted by the Project coordinator and face to face meetings were made with participants, and taken invaluable feedback from the target groups.