Conferences 2 

The second international scientific meeting of WELANIMAL Project was held on May 21-24 2009 in Timisoara-Romania. The symposium entited as “Promoting Farm Animal welfare Trough WELANIMIAL Vocational Training Activities” was performed as a satellite of International symposium of Animal Breeding in the Context of Modern Agriculture From Sciente to Practive organised by Facultry of Animal Science and Biotechnologies Timisoara. D.M. Broom, would-wide known, and the other speakers and reported that the the latest scientific findings, regulations and vocational education methods and tools regarding to promote farm animal welfare. 

Name Title PDF PPT Photo
Z. Bozkurt, E.N. Sossidou, L.T. Cziszter, M. Peneva,SZ. Kondrad J. Venglovsky, E. Szücs Farm Animal Welfare Legal Requirements and Traditional Practices: A Case Study of WELANIMAL Partner Countries PDF PPT PHOTO
Bozkurt, Z, Bayram, İ, Bülbül, A, Atepe O.C Effects of Strain, Cage Density and Position on Immune Response to Vaccines and Blood Parameters in Layer Pullets PDF PPT PHOTO
Donald M.Broom The Roles of Industry and Science, Including Genetic Selection, in Improving Animal Welfare PDF PPT PHOTO
Donald M.Broom Animal welfare: some current and future issues PDF PPT PHOTO
L.T. Cziszter, G. Stanciu, S. Acatinai, E. Szücs, Silvia Erina, I. Tripon, Simona Baul Methods for Calf Welfare Evaluation PDF PPT PHOTO
L.T. Cziszter, S. Acatinca, G. Stanciu, E.N. Sossidou, M. Peneva, D. Gavojdian Farm Animal Welfare Economics PDF PPT PHOTO
Gavojdian D., Cziszter L.T., Acatincai ., Tripon I, Baul Smona Researches Regarding Resting Behaviour in Lactating Dairy Cows During First Hundred Days After Calving PDF PPT PHOTO
Gergácz, Z., Szűcs, E. Critical Points in the Feeding of High Yielding Dairy Cows in Association With BCS and Metabolic Profile Test PDF PPT PHOTO
Konrád Sz. – Kovácsné Gaál K. Effect of genotype, keeping technology and sex on the chemical compounds of breast and thigh meat PDF PPT PHOTO
Tsvetana Harizanova, Marya Peneva Animal welfare and Economic effectiveness in Bulgaria and EU farms PDF PPT PHOTO
Evangelia N. Sossidou, D. M. Broom, L. T. Cziszter3, R. Geers4, E. Szűcs5 Welfare Aspects of the Long Distance Transportation of Cattle PDF PPT PHOTO
E.N. Sossidou, Stamatis, D. , Szücs, E., and R. Geers Assuring Quality in Farm Animal Welfare Curricula: The Case of Welfood Curricula PDF PPT PHOTO
Szűcs, E., Gulyás, L., Cziszter, L. T. Demirkan, I. Perinatal Mortality in Dairy Cattle PDF PPT PHOTO

Conferences 1 

 Report on Welanimal Conference

The first international conference of WELANIMAL Project held in Hungary

The first international conference of WELANIMAL was held on 8-9 October 2008 in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary under the coordinatorship of Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Institute of Animal Science, University of West-Hungary. In the conference initial results of WELANIMAL Project were discussed, the current analysis of animal production potentials, education on animal welfare and health with quality of animal derived food and safety were evaluated in the central and southeast of Europe, and adaptation of WELFOOD Project results into the parthership region was also analysed. Feedbacks on WELANIMAL Project from invited scientists and animal welfarists who participated and delivered talks in the conference were taken and they made a great contribution.

The full text of information on presentations at the conference is given below. Contributions and opinions expected from all WELANIMAL Project partnership region and worldwide are important and satisfying.

H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvar, Vár 2. HUNGARY
University of West-Hungary, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Institute of Animal Science H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvar, Vár 2. HUNGARY

Name Title PDF PPT Photo
BOZKURT, Z. Welanimal Project (LLP-Ldv-TOI-2007-TR-002) a new approach on different aspects of welfare, environtment and food interactions in central and southestern Europe with use of ICT: currentsituation analysis  PDF  PPT  PHOTO
CZISZTER, T. L Preliminary results on evaluation the calves welfare in raising and fattening farms from Banat Region in Romania PDF PPT PHOTO
SOSSIDOU, N. E Developmental research on farm animal welfare in EU countries PDF PPT PHOTO
GAAL, K. – KONRAD, SZ Significance of training of organic animal Husbandry in MSc education PDF PPT PHOTO
SZABO, F Relevance of animal welfare and environmenal effects of and on animal in beef cattle production PDF PPT PHOTO
SZÜCS, E. Stewarship, stockmanship and sustainability in animal agriculture PDF PPT PHOTO
RADACSI, A. Role of melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene polymorphisms in the traceability of Hungarian grey Cattle’s meat products PDF
BOZKURT, Z Effects of pullet-stocking density and position on performance of laying hens from different genotypes PDF PPT PHOTO
SOSSIDOU, N. E Assuring quality in farm animal welfare curicula: the case of welfood curricula PDF PPT PHOTO
SZALAY, I Old poultry breeds of the Carpathian basin; traditional and alternative approaches to their convervation PDF PPT PHOTO
GERGACZ, Z Critical points in the feding of high yieldding dairy cows PDF PPT PHOTO