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The Project Partners List

In participating countries to the project, ethnicity (Turkish, Greek, Roman, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukranian, Russian, German and Slovakian etc.) and religious structure (Islam, Orthodox, Christian, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Calvinist, Unaffiliated etc.) show a great diversity. Welfare concept is a moral issue that can be effected by people’s cultural, religious and social composition. In addition, general structure of agriculture and animal breeding, and public tradition on agriculture bear considerable differences.

  Afyon Kocatepe University Ahmet Necder Sezer Campus 03200 Afyonkarahisar TURKEY
++90- 272-228 13 12/134
++90- 272 -228 13 49
Coordinator: Assoc Prof Dr. Zehra BOZKURT akinci@aku.edu.tr
  University of National and World Economy (UNWE) Department of Agribusiness
Studentski grad „Hristo Botev"
1700, Sofia
Telephone: +359/2 862 92 98; +359/2 81 95 315
Fax: +359/2 862 92 98; +359/2 81 95 315
E-mail: mishevp@intech.bg; reapbalk@intech.bg
Website http://www.unwe.acad.bg
Prof. D.Sc. Plamen MISHEV
  NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION (N.AG.RE.F.) Veterinary Research Institute 57008, Ionia-Thessaloniki P.O.Box 376 GREECE
Tel.: ++30 2310 781 701
Fax.: ++30 2310 781 161
Evangelia N. SOSSIDOU, DVM, PhD
  Szent István University (SZIU) H-2103 Gödöllő Páter Károly u. 1. Hungary
E-mail: Szucs.Endre@mkk.szie.hu
Prof. Dr. Habil. Endre SZÜCS PhD. DSc.
  University of West-Hungary, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Institute of Animal Science H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvar, Vár 2. HUNGARY
Tel: +36 96 566 612
Fax: +36 96 566 695
E.mail: gaal@mtk.nyme.hu
Kovácsné Prof. Katalin Gaál PhD., CSc
Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Timişoara
Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnologies
Calea Aradului 119
300645 Timişoara ROMANIA
Tel.: +40.256.494023
Fax: +40.256.277110
cziszterl@yahoo.com, cziszterl@animalsci-tm.ro
web site: www.usab-tm.ro
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ludovic Toma CZISZTER
  University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice Komenskeho 73 041 81 Kosice SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Tel/Fax.: +421 55 6321872
E-mail: jan@venglovsky.com