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WELANIMAL project was announced second time as a 'Best Aplication' by Turkish National Agency


TRT 2 (Turkish Radiao and TV Broadcasting) , national TV canal in Turkey, organised a feature with Assoc Prof Zehra BOZKURT, who is Project coordinator of WELANIMAL Project during the Conference of Creativity and Innovation at 10 th April 2009. She taked on the aims and structure of partnership of the projects, possitive and innovative training materials that will be produced and the positive contributions in European dimension in long and short term expected in the feature was broadcasted in Avrupa Vizyonu programme at April 2009.


WELANIMAL project was announced as a 'Best Aplication' by Turkish National Agency


As known, European Commission has adopted a proposal to declare 2009 the European Year of Creativity and Innovation and Turkish National Agency will organised a conference- Lifelong Learning Program, Conference of Creativity and Innovation. WELANIMAL project has chosen as one of the best two ldv Projects by Natinal Agency in Turkey. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zehra Bozkurt, coordinator of the project, was invited to oral present of WELANIMAL Project at the Conference as the Best Aplication at 10 th April. 


The Symposium '*International Egg Symposium*' 26-28 November 2008 Istanbul /TURKEY 

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